Education is not a ‘one size fits all’ concept, so why should our exams be?

Examining Exams was made to empower those who are, or know someone who is, shackled down by the pressures of the competitive education system where every precious child is reduced to a mere rank against their peers. This campaign aims to highlight the adverse effects of standardised testing and its role in hindering young, passionate students from discovering and pursuing what they love, and how they want to get there. And don’t stop searching until the day you stop seeing your learning as a series of exams and checklists, but as cool skills and knowledge to equip yourself with before you jump into the “adult world”, where there are no more test banks to memorise 😮

Join us as we set out to educate (pun intended) everyone about the potential dark path this trend of rote-learning, anxiety and stress could venture into, and what we can do now to stop it before it’s too late!